Sanctuary Sweethearts

Our Sanctuary Sweethearts are animals that have been with us a very long time or that are older dogs and cats. We also have some special-needs Sanctuary Sweethearts who have medical conditions or illnesses that require medication, a special diet, or care.

When these animals are adopted, some — although not all — will require special homes.

While our goal is to adopt all animals into loving, permanent homes, not all animals are adoptable. For these we provide sanctuary — a lifetime home, where they will be safe and loved. 
The cost to maintain a dog at the shelter is approximately $100 to $150 a month for care given by shelter employees, flea and heart worm prevention, food, treats, and occasional toys. Each dog also must also have yearly booster shots and must be treated if it develops an illness or injury (such as an eye infection, cut, etc.)

WE WOULD LOVE FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY OR BUSINESS TO SPONSOR ONE OF OUR SANTUARY SWEETHEARTS. You can virtually adopt one of these animals — help us provide for it and even visit occasionally, if you like. But, we don't expect one person or family to carry the entire cost of one animal. We pool resource and have three people, families, or businesses sponsor the same pet, helping to reduce the cost of each monthly sponsorship.

Sponsorships are $50 per month. You, your family, or your business can set up a recurring payment of $50 on our Donations Page or pay a one-time fee of $300 for six months or $600 for one year. Either way, make sure to specify "Sanctuary Sweethearts" and the name of the animal you want to sponsor in the comments box.

If you choose to do a $50 per month recurring payment, we ask that you commit to at least six months, since we will be making changes to our records, making purchases for the animals, and sending you updates about the pet you've chosen to sponsor.

You can become a hero to an animal who has no one to speak for him. You can help insure that this animal has a happy life no matter where he lives his days. 

Become a Sponsor



As one of our Sanctuary Sweethearts, Charlie is not available for adoption. Sponsor him or any of our other Sweethearts to help us give them the best life possible!



As one of our Sanctuary Sweethearts, Copper cannot be adopted. But you can sponsor him or any of our other Sweethearts.